Science-based solutions for textile waste


At UsedFULLY we help you reduce waste and emissions by providing science-based solutions for unwanted commercial clothing and textiles.

Where our clothes end up is as important as where they come from

Only about 1% of textiles is recycled, representing a loss of more than USD $100 billion worth of resources each year. One of the barriers to re-use is the lack of local textile supply chains.

Imagine if you could loop clothing and textiles no longer needed into high performing recycled products. It could reduce the draw on new resources and help our planet stay within its ecological boundaries.

Textiles are basically either Proteins (animal fibres like wool and silk) Cellulose (plant fibres like cotton and linen) or a Petro-Chemical mix (like polyester and nylon).

We work with local value chains, turning unwanted textiles into high performing products for a range of industries. Stopping textiles from going to waste, while also reducing the need for new resources. It’s a win-win situation.

Saving Resources

By reusing discarded clothing we reduce the need to draw on new resources. Assisting us to stay within the bio-physical limits of the earth.

Building Solutions

Research and development of new solutions for used clothing enables the capture of much greater value from clothing resources

Reducing Waste

Looping current waste textile resources back into production can create more economic value without environmental degradation.

Impact Reporting

We provide 3rd party metrics on reuse, assisting you to map your environmental impacts and reduce emissions.

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